Overtime Football

EDGE Academy

The EDGE offseason academy equips student athletes with the skills, understanding and resources that they need to excel in competition, in class and in life.

Skill Development

Sharpen your skills on the field during pro-style practices and film sessions. Learn the core fundamentals from elite level players and coaches. Build confidence by learning the techniques that you need to succeed now and at the next level.

Athletic Development

Improve your speed, strength, and fitness with our proven OT Training System. Push through workouts that will help you become a better athlete. Learn how to train your body for football season.


Learn how to reach your full potential during our weekly EDGE seminars. Every player in the 10-week EDGE offseason academy recieves an EDGE Playbook. This companion workbook is a valuable resource with over 65 pages of diagrams, lessons, activities, worksheets, and templates for our young players. During the academy our facilitators will cover themes designed to help you become a more complete student athlete like goal setting, communication, and decision making.

Recruiting & Exposure

The EDGE Academy teaches student athletes how to navigate the university recruiting process in Canada and the US. During the EDGE Academy, we host a panel discussion featuring coaches from various Canadian universities. Compete in front of university scouts during practices and have the opportunity to build your network with guest coaches.

Careers in Sports

Meet and hear from professionals from a variety of industries within the world of sports. Participate in live question & answer sessions featuring people who deal with athletes everyday. Hear real success stories from within the local community and set goals for your own life outside the lines.